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Securely store all your important documents digitally for easy retrieval when needed.

Businesses or Private Individuals, keep all those documents together in 1Place.
Let's get down to business
From just R49.99 per month,1Place allows you to upload your documents into their respective categories for secure encrypted digital storage and easy retrieval. Whether it is Business documentation or personal Insurance documents, Qualifications, your CV or Final Will and Testament, you can store whatever is important to you for a low monthly premium.

Why are we so great?

Password protected access

Two point verification login

Secure, encrypted storage

Categorize your uploads

Email or print your documents

Authorized access to Collegues/Executor of Estates

1Place is easy enough for anyone to use




TAXES: Files and folders in desk drawer with labels and tabs: Home office management
*Use 1Place to store Company registrations, Tax Reports or other company documents.
*You can also link Employee accounts for their business or personal use.
*Create multipul logins for Collegues.
*Add notifications for document expiry dates.

Let us take the stress out of your personal filing.
*Upload your documents in easy to find categories.
*Store your Insurance policies, Qualification certificates, Curriculum Vitae, Property Deed, Final Will and Testament.
*Securely store any important documents for easy access.
*Authorise a Family Member or Executor of Estates to access your account in case of emergency.
*Print or Email directly from 1Place.
Authorised Access
In some situations you may need a 3rd party to log in on your behalf:
*Landed in hospital and need insurance documents;
*Need a financial report urgently but have no internet connection;
*A loved one has passed away and need their Will;
*Authorise someone to access your account with certain security measures in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, send us an email.
What payment services do you support?
We make use of PayFast to collect your monthly payments from your Debit or Credit card.
How secure is my personal data?
We make use of 164bit encryption when storing your data and your access is password controlled.
How long are your contracts?
Contracts are month to month and can be cancelled at any time in writing with one calendar month notice.
How does 3rd party authorisation work?
If you have loaded 3rd party authorisation, the 3rd party will need to contact us with proof of identification in order to access your account. 

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